5:28 min November 07, 2022

Things to See & Do in Lehighton, PA

Spend a day in Lehighton, PA in Carbon County in the Pocono Mountains.

PTN spent the day exploring the small town of Lehighton, which is home to some amazing businesses and is just a short drive from plenty of other attractions.

The first stop: Within Harmony.

“We have jewelry as far as necklaces and bracelets, ethically sourced crystals and stones from around the world, we have fossils including dinosaur teeth. We have fun things like little plastic army men known as Yoga Joes, books, tarot decks, and an assortment of handcrafted items. We also have a Crystal Light Bed, which is just one of the therapies or sessions we offer. Whether you have physical aches and pains, are a gym rat looking for fast recovery, or you're going through trauma or treatment, it can be utilized in conjunction with that,” said co-owner David Miller.

Next, we visit Joker’s Are Wild Game Café.

“We like to give people a place to sit down, have some fun, put the cell phone away, and enjoy each other. We have about 400 board and card games and several escape rooms designed by local teachers. We also serve food, which is unique. If you go to a game store you usually have to order food elsewhere, but we offer that here,” said owner Bob Schaeffer.

On our third stop, we step back into the 1930s at Bonnie & Clyde Pub and Grill.

“We go from chicken wings and burgers to filet mignon and lump crab cakes. We'll do ostrich, wild game, boar, and kangaroo. Our building originated as a bank in the early 1900s. When my wife and I bought the building, we wanted to do something a little different. Each booth has a different gangster's name with a little history of the gangster back in the day. You can sit at a different booth and get a little education,” said co-owner Steve Mazalewski.

Then, we visit a stop on the Pocono Beverage Trail.

“Here at Wine & More on 1st, we offer both wines and tapped beers. Our wines are from a small family farm in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. We have everything from zero sugar very dry reds all the way up to very sweet, fruited wines, spicy wines. We are specifically doing very well with raspberry habanero wine. The other half of our business is the Carbon Craft Beer Taproom featuring Cave Brewing, which is a father and son brewing company down by Lehigh University. We have eight of their beers on tap and they change constantly. We have sofas, a massage chair, we often have classes. It's part coffee shop, part winery, part brewery, part community center,” explained owner Tina Henninger.

Lehighton is also home to a second stop on the Pocono Beverage Trail: Insurrection Distillery.

“This is a quaint, rustic setting and to our knowledge, it's the oldest building still standing in the borough of Lehighton. Our specialty is our handcrafted cocktails. We offer about 100 different cocktails. We have seasonal, specialty drinks as well. We make about 25 different kinds of liquors right now including flavored vodkas, flavored moonshine, regular vodka, regular moonshine, rums, bourbon, and more. There is quite a variety,” said owner Rod Walck.

Lehighton is also close to many other attractions such as the D&L Trail, three state parks including Hickory Run, downtown Jim Thorpe and Palmerton, No 9 Coal Mine and Museum, and County Junction - The World's Largest General Store.