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Co-Op Advertising

The co-op marketing programs offered through the PMVB are designed to be an additional element that our members can utilize in conjunction with their overall marketing strategy and plan.

Our program gives our members the opportunity to utilize our overall media buying power to get into the NY metro and Philly metro markets at a much more affordable rate than if they were to go into those markets on their own. Based on their commitment, if the member would like to take part in the co-op, the PMVB will then match those funds along with covering costs for creative and agency fees to increase the overall buy. This allows for a much more substantial buy in the country’s #1 and #4 markets.

The co-op generally consists of a Pocono Mountains branded ad split with the participating partner over the following mediums:

  • 30 TV spots played in the NY and Philly Markets
  • Billboards on the major highways in the Philly and NY DMA
  • Transit advertising in the NJ Transit system on lines going into NY City
  • Digital advertising on websites such as Trip Advisor, NJ.com and Philly.com are just some examples 

To learn more about PMVB cooperative opportunities, contact Brian Bossuyt, Executive Vice President/CMO.

View current or past campaigns for the Pocono Mountains: