Before traveling, call your destination for any changes. Masks are mandatory in all PA public spaces. Social distance & quarantine after returning from an area with high amounts of virus cases. Learn More
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Pocono Promise

Our Pledge, Our Promise

For years, businesses in the Pocono Mountains have been committed to the safety and welfare of their guests and patrons. It remains the central focus of our proprietors as we prepare for this reopening phase of COVID-19 and will continue as we move on into the future!

The Pocono Promise is a community commitment to protect the health, safety and well-being of our residents, employees and you, the visitors, by following all federal, state, and local public health guidelines.

Masks are mandatory in all public spaces in Pennsylvania. The PA Department of Health informs travelers to stay at home and quarantine after returning from an area where high amounts of COVID-19 cases are reported. The Pocono Promise is a continued promise our businesses, festivals, parks and restaurants all plan to keep and deliver upon under any circumstances. 

Download a list of businesses who signed the Pocono Promise and are committed to the health and safety of their guests.

Our Promise to You

  • We maintain aggressive cleaning protocols throughout the facility by cleaning and sanitizing: 
  • Common areas and high touch surfaces regularly. 
  • Items and places used by other guests after every use. 
  • We administer health surveys to all staff prior to their start of shift. 
  • We adhere to social distancing guidelines established for our facility. 
  • We provide readily available hand sanitizer or hand washing stations. 
  • We train all our employees on the necessary measures that ensure the safety of our guests and staff. 
  • We use masks and personal protective equipment. 
  • We are available to speak with you directly about any questions or concerns you may have to make your experience the best it can be. 
  • We will continue to give you the same level of service and hospitality you have come to expect, now enhanced through updated situational guidance. 

We know that travel was a big commitment before all of this. That is why we want to make all the information available to you when you are planning your next getaway to the Poconos.

Your Promise to Us 

  • Patience is important for everyone during this time and we thank you in advance for exercising as much patience as you can in all situations. 
  • Follow the guidance provided on the signs located in our facility outlining: 
    • Social distancing 
    • Practicing good hygiene
    • Wearing a mask, when practical to do so
  • Stay home and plan another time to visit if you have been: 
    • Experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, or shortness of breath) 
    • Recovering from or exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days 
    • Diagnosed with underlying health conditions 
    • Concerned about contracting COVID-19 
  • Keeping the Pocono Mountains Clean and Green 
    • Prevention – Hold onto your trash until you can dispose of it properly.  
    • Leave No Trace – When exploring the Poconos, any trash with you. Leave only footprints on hiking trails, rivers, and downtown streets. 
    • Come Prepared – If you are visiting for the day, create a plan for the trash you may generate. If there are no trash cans where you will be exploring, bring a trash bag with you and find the closest public trash drop-off - or put it in the trunk and bring it home. Never leave trash on the side of the road, or in any unsolicited area. 
    • To learn more, visit our Pick Up The Poconos page.
We cannot wait to see you soon in the Pocono Mountains.   
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Look for these signs at area businesses
 Pocono Promise Door Sign  Pocono Promise Protecting Our and Yours