Pocono Community Caring Company

Pocono 3C

Partnering with RHD’s Street 2 Feet and The Waste Authority for Pocono Community Caring Company (Pocono 3C).

What is Pocono 3C?

Pocono 3C is a program designed to give persons who are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, a job and case work, to get back up on their feet. These individuals often face difficulties finding work due to not having an ID or address, not having a bank account, or having a minor criminal record, to name a few. To help them overcome these obstacles, Pocono 3C provides them with work picking up litter in Monroe County. This not only gives them an income at the end of every workday but provides them with experience and references for a résumé. In addition to the job, they will be provided lunch the days that they work and case management. Learn more about how these Pocono businesses are working together.

Faces of Pocono 3C

When Ira Hayes' brother and housemate passed away, he couldn't afford the bills alone. Ira became homeless and lived in his car for months in the middle of winter. Thanks to his employment with Pocono 3C, he eventually moved into his very own apartment. Ira continues working for the program and says it is rewarding to help his community.

Mellissa Ramirez found herself homeless after breaking free from an abusive relationship. She lived in a car, then a tent, then a shelter. She got connected with Pocono 3C and is working to rebuild her life. The program not only provides financial and emotional support but has given Mellissa hope for the future.

Pocono 3C In the News

Poconos Pick Ups

Since its inception in June 2019, Pocono 3C has accomplished the following: 401 participants, removed 18,801 bags of trash, including 985 tires, from 1,209 miles of roadway.

Learn More About Pick Up the Poconos

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