Check back on June 27, 2024 when this blog will be updated. If you're searching for new horizons and inspiring panoramic views, the Pocono Mountains is a great place to find them!  Find refreshment and peace of mind as you gaze over rolling hills stretching out as far as the eye can see, rivers winding across the landscape, and rocky cliffs framing your view. Gazing down on the world from a mountaintop can offer new perspectives in more ways than one! Whether you're looking for a vista you can reach by car, or you're ready to hike the extra mile to reach a breathtaking bird's-eye view, keep reading to learn about eight of the best views in the Poconos.

Appalachian Trail: Mount Minsi

If you've always wanted to experience mountain views along the famous Appalachian Trail, the Poconos is the perfect place to do it! Roughly 45 of the trail's 2,000 miles run through our region along the Kittatinny Ridge, passing through the welcoming small town of Delaware Water Gap and climbing up to the heights of Mount Minsi. For trekkers just looking for a day hike, the loop to the top and back takes about five hours and is fairly challenging, but the beautiful vistas are worth it.



Want to see what the view looks like from the other side? Conquer Mount Tammany, another challenging portion of the Appalachian Trail accessed via Kittatinny Point on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, to gaze over Mount Minsi and the Poconos to the north and west.



Big Pocono State Park

You'll feel like you can touch the sky on the summit of Camelback Mountain in Big Pocono State Park. While the title of highest peak/point in the Poconos goes to the 2,654-foot-high Mount Ararat in Wayne County, Camelback Mountain, another of the highest mountains in the Poconos, coming in at an elevation of 2,133 feet, offers plentiful challenging hiking trails for intrepid explorers plus a road to drive to the top. Visitors can wind up to Rim Road by car to enjoy sweeping views reaching across three states from the 1.4-mile, ADA-accessible drive.

With its vistas stretching across three states, the Big Pocono overlook was a favorite spot of Robert Uguccioni, former long-time Executive Director of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, who passed away in November 2022. Two benches atop Camelback Mountain now pay tribute to the legacy of Mr. U, who was known to many as “Mr. Pocono” for all his untiring efforts to promote the Poconos region.



Skytop Lodge

It's called "Skytop" for a reason: head up to the rooftop observation deck at historic Skytop Lodge for a breathtaking view of the resort's magnificent 5,500 acres. Plan an overnight stay to take advantage of all the luxurious amenities or book a tee time on the championship Skytop Lodge Golf Course.


Irving Cliff

Back in the nineteenth century, Washington Irving was so enthusiastic about dragging his friends up the wooded hills above Honesdale to get a view of the picturesque town below, they ended up naming the trail after him! Follow the winding path to the top of Irving Cliff, stand next to the star and take in the view the famed author was so excited about: church spires, quaint downtown streets and Victorian houses nestled in a hollow in the surrounding green hills.



Milford Knob Trail and Cliff Trail

While there are beautiful views to be found along the Appalachian Trail at the southern end of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, there are also stunning vistas to discover at the northern end. Head up the steep, 3.5-mile Milford Knob Trail for a view of charming Milford from above, and see the Upper Recreational Delaware River winding beneath you. The Cliff Park Trail connects eight miles of paths above the river, giving you plenty of options to explore. Another good place to pick up the Cliff Park Trail is across the road from the Raymondskill Falls trail.



Roadies Restaurant and Bar and Penn's Peak

At Roadies Restaurant and Bar atop Penn's Peak, you can enjoy a meal with a view and attend a concert from incredible visiting artists. The dining room looks out over the winding roads and rolling hills, with outdoor patio seating available as well. Arrive early for a delicious lunch or dinner, then, as night falls, head into the show. Check out the upcoming line-up at Penn's Peak and get your tickets now for the perfect weekend outing.



Switchback Railroad Trail

Adjacent to Lehigh Gorge State Park, the Switchback Railroad Trail winds across Flagstaff Mountain from Jim Thorpe to Mauch Chunk Lake Park, revealing breathtaking views of the curving Lehigh River. This historic route was once occupied by a gravity railroad system which facilitated coal transportation and became a popular Victorian tourist attraction before serving as inspiration for the world's first roller coaster. Today, bikers and hikers can enjoy the trail and the views. You might even spot some whitewater rafters navigating the rapids far below. For a complete Lehigh Gorge experience, make sure you also make time to navigate the D&L Trail that winds alongside the river.



Take to the Skies

Take your search for Pocono panoramas to new heights - literally. For the ultimate thrill and the ultimate view, get up in the sky with some help from Pegasus Skydive Center. Not only will you see sweeping vistas of Pocono landscapes that you can only find from the air, you'll also be free-falling through the scene during a tandem jump with an experienced instructor.




Panoramic mountain views are just the beginning of the beautiful scenery in the area! There are waterfalls galore and colorful Poconos sunsets to witness as well. Book a room at welcoming local lodgings, and you might even find an inspiring view out your window. Take advantage of special offers on accommodations to give yourself time to take in the natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains from every elevation.