Emily Whalen

Emily Whalen is the Communications Manager for the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau. A small town coffee shop connoisseur and lifelong lover of the mountains, she is excited to share tips to help visitors make the most of their stay in the Poconos. Sign up to receive the monthly Pocono Mountains Newsletter.

Pocono Farmers Markets Guide

The rolling farms and fields in the Pocono Mountains aren’t just part of the scenery: they’re a vital part of the community and provide delicious, fresh ingredients for local restaurants, farm-to-table dining spots, seasonal market days and farm stores as well as meaningful and memorable tours for…

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The Ultimate Guide to Pocono Biking

There are plenty of different ways to experience outdoor adventures in the Pocono Mountains, but you can't go wrong with a classic activity like Pocono biking. Bike and hike trails in the Poconos are the perfect places to spend a day in the fresh air and offer something for everyone, no matter your skill level…

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Insider Guide to Pocono Events This Summer

There are 93 days of summer vacation, and they're all up ahead of you, waiting to be enjoyed! Don't let the summer pass you by without celebrating in style in the Pocono Mountains. Whether it's a weekend concert, an overnight stay to savor a food and wine tasting, a hunt for treasures at an arts and…

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Things To Do in the Poconos Memorial Day Weekend

Haven't made plans for your Memorial Day holiday yet? Pack your bags and head to the Pocono Mountains! Find places to go on Memorial Day Weekend: we’ve got plenty of events, water recreation, and outdoor adventure, all within a short drive of major cities like New York and Philadelphia…

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