Check back on September 8, 2022 when this blog will be updated! In the year 2020, anything goes. So why not try something new with two words that sound like total opposites – working vacation. We know, it sounds funny but working vacations are a great option for a change of scenery and a chance to relax. A working vacation is just that; a trip where you set designated parameters to both work and enjoy your time off.

For parents, the kids can even partake in their own version of a working vacation with a schoolcation. If they're going to school online this fall, they can virtually learn while you work. Everyone can accomplish their tasks for the day and unplug when finished to spend quality time with each other.

Poconos resorts offer the best of both worlds when it comes to work and play. From the phone line to the zip line, a working vacation is a breeze in the Pocono Mountains. So, why work and vacation here? Check out the offers, reasons and tips below for maximizing your trip.

Offers for Working and Learning Vacations

Who doesn't like saving money? Especially on vacation, when you can put that cash towards treating yourself. Check out the packages below to save on your working and/or learning vacation in the Poconos. 

Reasons to Work and Learn from the Poconos

1. Work Life Balance

We like to work hard and play hard here. Once you’ve signed off for the day, you can get straight to the fun! Poconos activity can be included in your stay on-site or experienced at different locations throughout the destination. From surfing the web to surfing the waves, this is just one way you can balance both at Poconos water park resorts like Camelback and Great Wolf Lodge!


2. Revitalizing Beauty

Everyone thinks of scenic beauty when they think of the Poconos. What better way to recharge after working and learning than connected to the majesty?

Simply appreciate the outdoor beauty sightseeing or experience the adventures that come along with it. Walk the waterfall trails at Bushkill Falls or jet ski at Lake Wallenpaupack. Please remember to visit responsibly and take your trash with you while exploring outside.


3. Privacy

You deserve to feel comfortable and have your space to relax on vacation. Resorts like Skytop Lodge and Mountain Springs Lake Resort are just a couple lodgings tucked away on private acreage.

Having an abundance of secluded property, both resorts feature lakeside privacy, onsite activities, and even offer cabins accommodations as an added privacy bonus.


4. Delicious Food

The best part of vacation can arguably be not having to cook. Whether eating at your resort or stepping out for a meal, you won’t have to lift a finger while on vacation. 

Our restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines and atmospheres for all types of appetites. Order takeout to have your meal ready for pickup when you're done for the day, or even check out our restaurants currently offering outdoor dining for some fresh air and fresh food.


5. Year-Round Availability

Winter, spring, summer or fall, the area inspires invigorating recreational activities for all! As a premiere four-season destination, there is always something to do in the Pocono Mountains.

Best of all, the region provides a wide variety of both outdoor and indoor adventures to enjoy any time of the year whether hiking in the spring or skiing during the winter.


Tips for a Working Vacation

What do you need for a working vacation? Obviously you'll need your laptop, but we’ve covered some quick tips to help you stay on track with business and pleasure. 

  • Wi-Fi

    • It’s a no-brainer in the digital age that Wi-Fi is key when working remotely. Resorts and hotels in the Poconos like Cove Haven and Mountain Laurel Resort have high-speed wireless Internet and bandwidth. Our campgrounds have internet connections as well; camping is another great way to get some privacy to relax and work. 

  • Quiet Space

    • Find a place at your hotel where you can be productive with little distraction. Whether outside in the garden or inside the business area, discover a space conducive for work. Also be aware of what energizes and what drains you when choosing a work station. The Stourbridge Project offers free coworking space for the whole family or has quiet areas for personal privacy. 

  • Schedule

    • Set a schedule for your work. Block off the time of day you’re most focused to work; in the mornings, at night. Let your coworkers and team know beforehand when you’ll be working, so you can be accessible and separate work from the leisure part of your trip. After all, it is a vacation!



So, the final question is, what are you waiting for?! Check out our working vacation offers to save on your stay. These include both working vacation and schoolcation offers. The entire family can take the time to work and play while taking a vacation.

You can also find other accommodations and activities. Remember the region is 2,400-square miles, roughly the size of Delaware, so be sure to do your research on where you want to stay when you visit.