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Poconos Leaf Peeping FAQ

Answers to common Poconos fall foliage questions.

1. What scenic drives can we take to view the foliage?

A. The Pocono Mountains is etched with gently winding, wooded roads perfect for leaf peeping. Some scenic routes have even received national attention for their fall foliage views. In 2013, Travel called Route 507 around Lake Wallenpaupack one of  its “Best Fall Foliage Road Trips.” PA Route 6 was ranked among the “Top Scenic Routes in America” by Car and Driver Magazine, and was recognized by the Harley-Davidson Company as “Pennsylvania’s Best Tour Road.” For more information on these and other scenic drives in the Pocono Mountains, look to our list of roads in #15 below, and plan your autumn outing today!

2. When do the leaves start changing color?

A. The vast Pocono Mountains region encompasses three distinct fall foliage color zones. Start and peak times vary between the three areas. Depending on conditions, leaves begin to turn in mid-September and reach their peak in early to mid-October. Our weekly Fall Foliage Forecast provides the most accurate information on fall color in the Pocono Mountains.

3. When is the best time to visit for the foliage?

A. Peak times vary between the region's three color zones. Determine when your destination will be in full color by consulting our weekly Fall Foliage Forecast.

4. Where is the best place to visit to view the foliage?

A. While tint and timing differ among the region's three color zones, all areas of the Pocono Mountains will be edged with fall foliage at certain times throughout the season. Select your destination, and then check projected peak time using our Fall Foliage Forecast!

5. Which area is currently at peak?

A. Updated weekly, our Fall Foliage Forecast notes the percentage of color, percentage of leaves on trees, and projected date of peak for the region's three distinct color zones.

6. How long does the foliage season last?

A. Depending on conditions, leaves begin to turn in mid-September and reach their peak in early to mid-October. Lingering leaves and autumn activities can be enjoyed through the end of the October. Look to our list of fall festivals and fall activities for a list of seasonal celebrations, and be sure to consult our Fall Foliage Forecast for autumn updates.

7. Which region of the Pocono Mountains peaks first?

A. Projected peak times for the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the Pocono Mountains can be found in our Fall Foliage Forecast.

8. What festivals/events are taking place during the fall?

A. Find the full lineup of autumn events on our fall festivals and fall activities pages!

9. Are there any scenic chairlift rides to view the foliage?

A. See the trees on a scenic chairlift ride at Shawnee Mountain! Rides are offered during select fall festivals on the property.

10. Where can we go hiking and view the foliage?

A. More than 260 miles of hiking trails wind through the four-county region of the Pocono Mountains. With so many routes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect leaf-peeping pathway! Check out our list of hiking trails, or head to one of our National, State and Local Parks.

11. Where is the best place to take pictures?

A. Many of the region's hiking trails and parks feature scenic overlooks and picture-perfect vistas. Find foliage and falling water at sites like Bushkill Falls, or stroll the streets of one of our charming downtowns! All areas of the Pocono Mountains will see autumn color at some time this season. Check our Fall Foliage Forecast for peak dates and information!

12. Which species of trees turn color in the Pocono Mountains?

A. The Pocono Mountains region is home to more than 127 varieties of trees, shrubs and plants. Deciduous trees are those that lose their leaves for part of the year. In the Pocono Mountains, trees including maples, oaks, birches and aspens will add to the autumn colors.

13. What makes the leaves turn color?

A. According to the US Forest Service, three factors influence autumn color: leaf pigments, length of night, and weather. In autumn, the chlorophyll in leaves begins to break down. Green color disappears and yellow to orange colors become visible. Additional chemical changes may occur, leading to the development of certain pigments and red or purplish colors.

14. Where can I go to see a variety of colors in one location?

A. Take a stroll or drive along the scenic Delaware River! CNN has named the Delaware Water Gap one of the best places to view fall foliage. The picturesque Pocono Mountains destination is home to a wide variety of tree species.


A. View our geographic map of the Pocono Mountains to see our three fall foliage color zones and find the route that's right for you!

ROUTE 611 from Portland to Delaware Water Gap

ROUTE 390 from Mountainhome to Canadensis to Skytop to Promised Land to Tafton

ROUTE 209 from Bushkill to Dingmans Ferry to Milford to Port Jervis

ROUTE 209 from Kresgeville to the Beltzville Dam and Reservoir

ROUTE 84 from Milford to Greentown to Mt. Cobb to 380

ROUTE 715 to "Sullivan's Trail" from Tannersville to Pocono Pines

ROUTE 191 from Bangor to Stroudsburg to Analomink to Paradise Valley to Cresco to Mountainhome to Newfoundland to Hamlin to Honesdale to Rileyville to Lookout.

ROUTE 903 from Fern Ridge to Jim Thorpe

ROUTE 534 East through Hickory Run State Park to Beltzville

ROUTE 447 from Analomink to Canadensis to Newfoundland

ROUTE 115 from Brodheadsville to Blakeslee to Bear Creek

ROUTE 715 from Brodheadsville to McMichaels to Reeders to Tannersville to Henryville

ROUTE 590 from Greeley to Lackawaxen to Hawley to Lakeville to Hamlin

ROUTE 402 from Marshalls Creek to Porters Lake to Peck's Pond to Lake Wallenpaupack to Route 6 West through Hawley and Honesdale to Route 191 North to Route 507 North around Lake Wallenpaupack

ROUTE 6 East to Milford to Route 209 South through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

ROUTE 380 TO 507 from Gouldsboro to Newfoundland to Greentown to Paupack to Route 6 to Honesdale

ROUTE 371 from Damascus to Rileyville to 247 to Rock Lane to Lake Como

Route 652 from Narrowsburg, NY to Honesdale to 670 to Pleasant Mount